The best tool for undressed content creation 

The most attractive ai undressing occupies a special place in the world of neural networks. Its authors deliberately develop their project openly so that it can be supported by a community of enthusiasts. As a result, hundreds of modifications of the neural network appeared that generated pictures in different styles.

The technique of Nudify operation

Nudify app is based on the latent diffusion technique – when, during the generation process, the system finds familiar shapes among a large pool of images and then focuses on them when they match the request. How does a neural network recognize shapes? It acquires this “skill” through the process of learning and training.

​The app proceeds according to the following scenario: first, the neural network uses familiar associations that were obtained as a result of training and analyzes the ratios of pixels of certain colors in a pool of images known to it. After that, it generates the final version of the image that matches the request. Plus, you can always be sure that you will never see obscene content on their server or accidentally create it yourself!

How to generate images in 18+ format?

A website has appeared on the Internet that uses a neural network to generate images of naked women in “18+” format. Users have access to many different parameters, such as hair color, body type, buttock or breast size. So, is it possible to create taylor swift nudes with that website? Of course, yes. 

Taylor Swift is often called the ideal girl: beautiful and at the same time unconventional, talented and modest, simple and intelligent. In just a few years, Taylor Swift has become one of the most successful pop stars on the planet; tickets for her concerts sell out in a matter of hours.