Paint Roller vs Paint Brush: Which One to Choose in 2022

Are you painting your home for the first time and confused about whether to use a paintbrush or a paint roller? Though they both serve the same purpose, there is a significant difference in the process of using both the painting tools. The truth is that there is a time and place for both the painting tools. Knowing which one to use when will save you not only time but will also give your walls a professional finish.

Read along to know which are the key factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a painting tool to use for your next painting project.


It’s no secret that if you want to cover a larger surface in a shorter span, then you must ditch the brush and use a paint roller instead. Paint rollers are ideal for painting floors, walls, ceilings and the exterior of your home as they save you a lot of time and effort. So, a pro tip is to always use a paint roller for large surfaces.


If you are using an interior wall paint for the edges or minor details like trims, frames or boarders then you must use a paintbrush. The same goes for when you are painting the tricky area around switchboards or knobs and handles. By using a painting brush to paint the nooks and crannies of your home, you will be able to ensure that no spot is left unnoticed.

Even coating 

Are you a painting novice who is painting your home for the first time? We would recommend you ditch the paintbrush and use a paint roller instead. This is because it is easier to get an even coating with a paint roller than with a paintbrush. It takes practice and skills to achieve a professional finish with paint brushes. You can avoid paint drips and uneven painting work by simply using a paint roller.

Hold more paint 

If you want to speed up your painting process, then you must without a second thought choose a paint roller over a paintbrush. Paint rollers hold more paint as they are more absorbent. This means that you will not have to pause often to reload them unlike in the case of paint brushes which require you to dip them in the paint bucket every few minutes. So, by using a paint roller you can save a lot of time and energy.


Paint rollers allow you to cover a large surface in fewer strokes making them convenient, easy and less daunting. So, if you are looking for a painting tool that will make using exterior wall paints on your home exterior fun and quick, then use a paint roller instead of a paintbrush.

More control 

Brushes are tiny, flexible and more portable. That is the reason why you will see many professional painters use it to create wall textures and designs. You have more control when you are using a brush and create fun patterns and designs easily using it.

Combination technique 

An expert-approved tip when it comes to choosing between roller and brush is to use both. It is called the combination method or technique. You can use a paint roller to paint large, uninterrupted spaces and for hard-to-reach areas like the cuts, edges and trims you can switch to paint brushes. Note that when it comes to painting brushes there are different sizes and types that you can choose from- narrow brush, wide brush, radiator brush and a soft angle brush. The same goes for paint rollers. You can choose the size of your paint roller and even invest in an extension pole that will help you reach the ceiling better.

The conclusion is that it’s not about which one is better- a paintbrush or a paint roller, it’s about which tool is better suited for your painting project. Understand the task at hand and then accordingly decide which painting tool makes your painting work a breeze.

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