Different Brake Applications Made of Advanced Technologies

With the technology being advanced to a great extent, there is no doubt that even the industries coming up with brake applications are using much of the best equipment. The concept of holding brakes is known to hold the requirement that rotates within the same place. If the rotation doesn’t meet the desired need, then is the time when brakes need to be applied. Be it medical equipment, factory automation, construction equipment, escalators or elevators, there is no doubt that holding brake applications is of great use in such areas. There are different designs and applications available but when it comes to choosing the right one well nothing can beat the spring-set brakes.

Know more about the spring set brakes

In today’s time, most of the brakes that are available in the market are spring set brakes. To be precise, such a brake creates the holding toque with the use of a spring mechanism for applying pressure on the surface of the friction. Such brake is then disengaged with the help of releasing the pressure of springs using the pneumatic, hydraulic, or even the actuation at the electronic level.

Know the working

The set of springs or say the electromagnetic actuation would release the brake. This way the braking action will be achieved using the springs when it gets in the de-energized state. Since the brake is entirely energized; the load shall get released and thus it would let the rotating be done. There is a 300 series spring set brake which is known to be of superior quality. It has been designed specially to hold the applications. The typical applications may include robotics, lifts, and motor braking to name some.

The trending: Electromagnetic Spring Actuated Brakes

This type of brake is also called a power-off engaged brake. The spring-actuated brake offers braking which is quite reliable once there is a disengagement of the power. It thus offers amazing performance for quite a long time to hold on to the applications. In case of the spring accurately or the brake that is applied using the spring. There is a compression spring that shall push down the plate of armature in the disc of the rotor. This way there is a movement halt once the power again is disengaged. It offers a safe braking solution while maintaining the position for quite a long time.

The popular: Pulley Spring Actuated Brakes

This is quite a known concept of the spring brake that offers the complete line of electromagnetic spring-actuated brakes. It is all packed with different sizes and models which of course is available for holding, braking and even to be done both at the same time. It offers some of the magnificent advantages such as:

  • High holding torque
  • Space-saving
  • Quiet operation
  • Low profile designs
  • Reliable braking power
  • Energy-saving features
  • Long service life
  • Stable
  • Manual release mechanisms



These are just some of the new patterns of the spring set brakes. There are more such options available in the market. It is always better to look for the best option that can help in emergency scenarios. After all, safety is of utmost importance.