Attention Bangkok Based Garment Manufacturers: Embroidery Machiner Solutions

If you are in the rag trade, you will already know how competitive it is, and the quality of your clothing must be extremely high if you are to sell enough to make your business work. Of course, your bank of sewing machines are essential pieces of equipment that require regular maintenance, but even the best sewing machine on the market today cannot complete a garment, as you need a machine that adds all the trimmings.

Embroidery Machines

If you are based in Thailand, embroidery solutions are available from a local specialist company that offers the following machines at very affordable prices.

  • Flat Embroidery
  • Coil & Cord Embroidery
  • Chain Stitch Embroidery
  • Cap Tubular Embroidery
  • Lace Embroidery

All of the above and more would be available from the online embroidery machine supplier, which means you can tailor the machine to best meet your needs.


Absolutely essential when producing garments, the latest embroidery machines are so accurate each and every time, reducing your rejects, as computerised solutions control the machine, and providing the initial input is correct, there’s nothing that can go wrong.

Reliable Processing Times

Essential when making clothes, you need state of the art machinery that will produce garments at an acceptable rate, plus have the reliability you would expect from a world-class manufacturer. You simply cannot afford to be late with your garment deliveries, and the embroidering step could be considerable, which calls for a fast and reliable output.

Easy to Use

The last thing you want is a production machine that takes 6 months to learn how to operate, and with the latest generation of sewing and embroidery machines, user-friendly solutions are required. An instruction manual and a CD is all any operator would need, and they would be proficient from the very start.

Replacing Outdated Machinery

With easy repairs and no shortage of components, it is easy to fall into the trap of hanging on to your sewing equipment, and while you are making the most out of your investment by keeping it working, an old machine could slow the entire manufacturing process down. If your embroidery machinery has seen better days, take a look at that is available today and you won’t regret it.

Additional Features

You can now get machinery that integrates with the Internet, and with special cloud-based software, you can get the best results from your new machinery. Technology has affected every aspect of our lives, and with a little programming, you can set your machinery to produce high-quality, accurate garments all day and night, if necessary.

Popular software formats include:

  • ART
  • PES
  • VIP
  • SEW

If you would like to explore the potential of a new embroidery machine, search online for a local supplier and take a look at what is available. Any machinery they have in stock would be installed within a few days and with a little user training, your output can greatly be increased by using the best machinery.

In such a highly competitive industry, we are all looking for ways to cut costs and increase production, both of which can be achieved by investing in the latest machinery.