Acclaimed San Marcos Criminal Defense Attorneys:

Being accused of a crime can be incredibly grave and distressing, especially in Texas, a state with some of the highest conviction rates and harshest criminal sentences in the country. While those facing first-time charges or a low level misdemeanor can usually find success with a public defender, the Hays County court system is known to be difficult to navigate and often requires the help of a well known and highly rated San Marcos criminal defense attorney. Here’s a list of some acclaimed San Marcos criminal defense attorneys well equipped to handle even the most complex criminal cases.

Amanda Erwin of The Erwin Law Firm:

With over 17 years practicing criminal law, Amanda Erwin is an established San Marcos criminal defense attorney with extensive trial experience handling a variety of juvenile, misdemeanor, and felony cases. As a former Texas prosecutor, Erwin can not only anticipate her opponent’s thought processes in the most complex of cases but can also spot grounds for an appeal in seemingly rock solid cases. Erwin devotes a large portion of her practice to criminal appeals and has presented numerous appellate briefs and oral arguments throughout the state’s Court of Appeals garnering several overturned convictions. Amanda and the entire Erwin Law Firm are known for going above and beyond for their clients, and have garnered countless glowing reviews for their tireless and compassionate representation. Erwin’s legal prowess has granted her several honors, including serving as an elected President of the Hays County Defense Bar and being voted the best criminal defense, criminal appeals, and juvenile attorney in all of Hays County. For a free consultation with one of San Marcos’ most prestigious criminal defense attorneys, call (512) 938- 1800 today!

Scot Courtney of The Law Offices of Scot Courtney:

Scot Courtney is a board certified criminal law attorney who has been practicing for 27 years specializing in a variety of criminal matters such as DWIs, white collar crimes, and expunctions. Known for his tenacious representation, Courtney offers 24/7 legal services and maintains consistent communication with his clients throughout their cases. With a limited caseload, Courtney is able to devote countless hours to researching each case he takes on, studying the laws that impact his clients, and personally investigating their cases and any pertinent evidence.  A legal expert, Courtney has also published multiple books focused on teaching Texas college students and young adults about important state laws in order to develop legal street smarts. Courtney is licensed to practice in some of the country’s most prestigious courts, including the United States Supreme Court, and has been referred to by CBS News as “one of Houston’s top criminal defense attorneys” prior to his relocation to San Marcos. Courtney is currently on the board of directors for the Texas DWI Lawyers Association and routinely speaks at a variety of legal conferences. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Scot Courtney, call (512) 392- 9292.

Rick Cofer of Cofer and Connelly PLLC:

Rick Cofer is a distinguished attorney well known for representing some of Texas’ most complex criminal cases such as capital murder, sexual assault, and serious drug felonies. While an established trial lawyer who has represented over 100 clients in front of a judge or jury, Cofer has proudly maintained a 94% dismissal and acquittal rate since 2019, and can expertly handle an array of criminal complaints outside of trial. Although this can be credited to his reputation and well-connectedness throughout Central Texas’ courts, Cofer also uses a client centric approach to expertly craft a personalized and innovative defense strategy that is often unexpected and successful. In addition to his achievements in the adult justice system, Cofer is also skilled in representing a variety of complex criminal cases in juvenile court and often uses his background as a former mental health civil prosecutor to defend individuals facing criminal charges as a result of mental health related diseases or disorders. For his esteemed representation, Cofer has received many accolades including being named as best lawyer by the Austin Chronicle in 2021 and 2022 and being recognized in 2023’s list of Best Lawyers In America. For a free consultation with Rick Cofer, call (512) 991- 0576.

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