7 Must-Have Painting Tools to Invest in 2022 

Are you aspiring to become a professional painter or are you a DIYer who is looking to build your painting tool kit? With a plethora of painting tools available in the market today, it is overwhelming when you are trying to figure out which painting tool you must invest in.

Buying high-quality painting tools is a nonnegotiable as you cannot achieve a professional finish on your walls if you are using cheap painting tools.

Continue reading to know which are the 7 essential painting tools which you must invest in in 2022.

Roller Extension Pole 

Finding it hard to reach your ceiling with your regular paint roller? What you need is an extension pole which will make it easy for you to reach the ceiling and other difficult-to-reach areas around the house. We would recommend you invest in a 12-18 inches paint roller extension pole which will make painting walls a less daunting task.

Mini Rollers 

Your regular paint rollers don’t do justice when it comes to small areas or corners. Mini rollers are a perfect solution for this dilemma as they help you reach small corners and edges which you can’t otherwise reach with regular-sized paint rollers.

Painter’s Tape 

If you are still using masking tape to cover the edges and trim, then there is no time like the present to ditch them and invest in painter’s tape. Painter’s tapes help you mask the edges and trims better and they don’t create a mess and are easy to peel off after the painting work is done. If you are a DIYer who wants your walls to look like it is painted by professional interior house painters, then you must use painter’s tape to get neat and clean edges and corners.

Paint Spout 

Hate it when your paint drips from your paint can when you are trying to pour it into a bucket or a tray? That is where a paint spout comes into the picture. A paint spout is a painting tool that doesn’t cost much but it is handy in ensuring that you don’t create a mess when you are transferring paint from a paint can into a bucket or a tray. The paint spout can be attached to the rim of a painting tin or a can. It saves you a lot of time which you would otherwise spend cleaning the paint can after your painting work is done.

Sturdy Ladder 

Are you still using a stool to reach the ceiling? A true DIYer knows the importance of having a sturdy ladder when you are painting your home. Make sure that your ladder is sturdy and foldable so that you can tuck it away in your attic or storeroom after you are done with your painting work.

Paint Bucket

You will notice professional interior house painters always have paint buckets with them. Investing in a 5-gallon painting bucket is a must if you are planning to paint your home on your own often. A paint bucket makes it easy for you to mix a large amount of paint in one go and saves you a lot of time and energy.

Brush and Roller Spinner 

Not a big fan of the post clean-up? Why not make your job easy by investing in a brush and roller spinner which will save you the hassle of cleaning your paint rollers and paint brushes with your hands? All that you got to do is put the roller or the brush inside the spinner and in just a few seconds your painting supply will be clean and ready to use.

 So, which of these painting tools are you planning to invest in this year? Check out Asian Paints’ quick paint calculator and advanced paint calculator to get an accurate estimate of how much paint you will require to paint your home this year.