Are you feeling sad?

Fact: your thoughts can simplest hold one idea at a time.

Spending time alone together with your thoughts is the worst component to do whilst depressed, due to the fact you certainly think about depressing things or think about anything lousy scenario caused you to be depressed (loss of life of a cherished one, breakup, your group misplaced the Superbowl, and many others). Why not exchange what you are considering?

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Women are 2x much more likely to be depressed than men.

This was this little statistic I determined while reading psychology books. Women are 2x more likely to have clinical melancholy than men. There is a lot of hypothesis as to why, but I accept as true with it is because women and men commonly have distinctive coping mechanisms for despair. For guys, it’s distraction and alcohol. For ladies, it is speaking with people in their community (pals, parents, and many others) their testimonies. Although you could argue that now not addressing the problem is bad for men, I agree with that your mind cannot be depressed whilst you’re constantly contemplating something else (i.E. You’re distracted)

What have to you do? Distract yourself with something.

For me, it’s playing video games.

I’ve had an lousy youth full of loneliness, poverty, forget, and extra loneliness. Yet I’ve never had medical depression. Never as soon as taken an anti-depressant. Never as soon as drank alcohol to assuage my pains. Never once wished to speak to a pal to explicit the grief. It’s because when I sense less than excellent, I get my thoughts off it by gambling video video games. I used to max the problem on my Street Fighter 2 recreation, and the computer would be soooo reasonably-priced that within 15 mins, I would be completely furious and my sadness might be extinguished, as a minimum temporarily.

Here’s an experiment: strive no longer to think about roaches.

Think of the skittish nature of cockroaches… How them crawl on all 6 in their hairy legs from one corner to another, how once they turn on their backs, they begin spazzing out and you may see their legs flying in a flurry at the same time as they start spinning from all of the attempt to get back on their legs. Think approximately how disgusting it feels to have them crawling on your pores and skin and to have their antennaes tickle you softly as they journey up and down your again. It’s difficult being depressed while you are so grossed out taking into account the roach. This goes again to the idea that we can best have 1 concept at a time in our heads.


I came to college far from my domestic and made new pals, started working with one in every of my seniors on a startup idea everything become getting proper however than we failed and I turned into Sad once more however my senior saw me and SMILED than we tried once more than we failed than we attempted again …. It went for 1 yr once we shut the begin up.

2. Live your life to the fullest

After that, I changed into dwelling with the identical set of people, They had been close to me but very far away from me, I felt lonely, I turned into SAD however this time I chose to LIVE, experience, enjoy whatever I had with my pals and my circle of relatives. I did street journeys, circle of relatives journeys, past due night Bakchodi and essentially did something I cherished doing.

3. Share

I went home as soon as my mother was a bit dissatisfied from me as I turned into no longer acting nicely in lecturers, Was no longer considering campus placements and he or she was very dissatisfied this made me SAD once more but this time I selected to SHARE what I felt through a diary. I took a small pocket book and commenced writing anything I felt from the day while my dad and mom showed me the mag’s, playing cards… till that day and I gave to my mother on the day I was leaving to university, She known as me when I was in bus and she began crying but said Boy, “you do some thing you need to do I will stand aside you at any fee”.

From that day until these days I do not get SAD without difficulty.I will just add that look around you their are those who don’t have anything to eat, They aren’t solid mentally, emotionally, financially, Go and talk to them you’ll apprehend your reason for being sad could be very small.